Numismatic Semantic Recommendations (NSR)

NSR is a document that we created about the application of published standards and best practices for Dublin Core metadata creation related to numismatic and medals repositories.


Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is a standard vocabulary of terms used to define the properties of items in digital repositories, making such data available in an internationally recognizable format and accordingly getting it connected with other repositories.


When building LIRAT.ME we wanted it to be complaint with DCMI to ensure maximum accessibility and interoperability. To achieve this goal we were faced with several challenges: mapping DCMI vocabulary to numismatic properties, defining semantics of numismatic properties, setting the syntax rules of entering those properties and others related to taxonomy. We did not find any reference on the web to ease our task, DCMI may have been adopted for the first time to publish numismatic data, accordingly we started to document our findings and practices in a document that was lately developed into NSR.

NSR Scope

NSR documents the following:

  • Define required numismatic properties
  • Prioritize the properties (Required, Optional, …)
  • Map those properties to DCMI
  • Establish syntax and semantic rules
  • Create standard value lists

Joint efforts are needed

NSR is still in it’s alpha stage. Undoubtedly, efforts from different concerned parties have to be put together to further develop this document to its final stage.

We hope that NSR, our little contribution to the virtual numismatic world, will facilitate the work of others in this field.


Turathium, LIRAT.ME and NSR were featured  in MINT AND PRINT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2018 – BEIRUT. What follows is the presentation in MAP 2018. Learn more…

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